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Our Mission

Children’s Benefit League (CBL) is a non-profit organization committed to helping medically needy children and their families. CBL, knowing that health is a life-long process, believes building a stronger foundation in early childhood encourages every season of life to be enriched.

Our Story

Five brave women, who had experienced the power of women volunteers through the USO during World War II, met for lunch in November 1946. It was here where the main objectives for the Children’s Benefit League were formed. They recognized that there were many children in immediate and great need for medical attention that addressed the whole child, which included physical, psychological, and dental care. The women then determined that the work of this new organization would focus on the medical needs of children - especially those with no or limited family finances - and that the group’s work would act entirely independent of other organizations. An open invitation for membership was announced for women in Lakewood, Long Beach, and surrounding areas.


As of March 30, 1948, Children’s Benefit League was officially incorporated as a non-profit organization under the laws of the State of California. The five original members signed the Articles of Incorporation: Mrs. Irving Koppel, Mrs. Henry McCleur, Mrs. William Mohler, Mrs. Fred Stineman (the first president of the group), and Mrs. T. Harwood Young.  Over the years, recipient organizations have changed and evolved to include the five local Long Beach area clinics we support today.  Collectively, these clinics provide exceptional care to children in need of dental, medical, emotional, hearing, and developmental disabilities.


To date, our League has donated nearly $2 million to hospitals and clinics that deliver services to underserved medically needy children and their families. The clinics we now help to support both monetarily and in-kind are:

  • The Children’s Clinic (every year since 1957)

  • John Tracy Center (Long Beach Demonstration Home) since 1965

  • Children’s Dental Health Clinic (since 1974)

  • AbilityFirst (since 1990, formerly the Crippled Children’s Society)

  • The Guidance Center (since 1992)


Today, Children’s Benefit League:

  • Remains an active non-profit organization;

  • Continues as an all-volunteer organization;

  • Consists of 100+ members (employed, retired);

  • Remains dedicated to helping the underserved, medically needy children in our communities; and

  • Continues to raise tens of thousands of dollars annually, all of which are given to the five outstanding clinics CBL helps to support.


Children’s Benefit League owns no real estate and no one receives a salary. Monies are raised through numerous fundraising events held throughout each year.


We welcome your support through direct donations, participation in our events or by joining our organization.  PLEASE JOIN US in our Mission, won’t you?

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